Idea Gallery: Beadboard


the quintessential American front porch and a few images likely spring to mind:
a rocking chair or swing, bright white railings and columns, cozy-under-foot
flooring, flag flapping in the wind. And, of course, a detailed beadboard

left bright white or painted a color complementary to the rest of the exterior,
beadboard offers a traditional style while ensuring a complete look. And the
look is easier than ever to pull off, thanks to high-performance materials that
mimic wood but save on maintenance.

Here are a
few ways contractors are using beadboard:

Boral TruExterior beadboard

The architect for this Queen Anne-style home at Chautauqua Institution in New York included exquisite molding detail, including this beadboard porch ceiling made with TruExterior.

TruExterior Beadboard is made with the same proprietary poly-ash material as our trim and siding, providing an authentic appearance but without concerns about rot or insects. It comes primed and ready to paint—even dark colors. Single (4” or 6”) and double (8” and 12”) boards are available.

Kleer Lumber cellular PVC beadboard porch ceiling

Kleer Lumber’s dirt resistance helps ensure the pristine white finish looks stellar for years to come. The white-on-white trim details shown here are the perfect complement to the home’s traditional brick façade.

Made with cellular PVC, Kleer Beaded Boards come in a reversible (smooth or wood-grain) bright white color and boast clean, crisp lines for an authentic look. Choose from 4×8 KLEERBeed sheets, featuring tongue-and-groove for a finished edge; KLEERLok beaded board in 4” and 6” widths, with a shiplap nailing flange that increases installation speeds; or Edge & Center beadboard for a traditional profile. The products offer moisture resistance ideal for outdoor settings as well as wet interior applications like bathrooms.

Boral TruExterior beadboard porch ceiling

TruExterior beadboard, shown here in robin’s egg blue on a porch in West Palm Beach, Fla., comes primed and ready to paint. The material’s superior dimensional stability allows for use with dark colors.

Kleer Lumber cellular PVC beadboard bathroom

Want the
traditional look of wainscoting without concern about how daily steam showers
may take their toll? Kleer’s PVC material withstands moisture, makes it an
ideal option for bathrooms and other wet indoor spaces.

Boral TruExterior beadboard porch ceiling

offers workability similar to wood, allowing for straightforward cuts in the
field. What’s more, installers don’t need to worry about sealing edges and end

Kleer Lumber cellular PVC beadboard deck ceiling

With consistency from board to board and availability in large sheets, Kleer beaded boards are ideal for large applications, such as this deck ceiling by California Deck Pros.

Looking for more inspiration? Houzz offers eight additional examples of beadboard in traditional and unexpected applications.

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