Video: Kleer Trimboards vs. Dirt Intrusion


Do your
trimboards stand up to dirt?

PVC trim
is a low-maintenance alternative to wood. But not all PVC trim is created
equal. Over time, some PVC trim products will collect dirt in the edges,
leading to a grimy, gray, aged look that can dull the exterior façade.

Lumber is different. Kleer trimboards feature TruEDGE technology—smoother edges
that help the boards resist dirt and, when they do get dirty, make them easier
to clean. The result is brilliant white trim that looks great for the long

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this video, in which we put Kleer trim and two other PVC trim brands through a dirt intrusion test to see how they stack up:

As you can
see, dirt doesn’t permanently embed itself into the edges of Kleer trimboards,
ensuring easier cleaning and a more beautiful finish compared to other PVC trim

Kleer Lumber trimboards versus trim competitors

Kleer trimboards also contain UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing, so no painting is required to maintain the original white appearance. Not interested in white? Kleer trim can be painted easily with 100% acrylic latex paint.

To further
ensure Kleer trimboards maintain their pristine appearance, they’re wrapped and
shipped in KleerPaks. With KleerPaks, dealers can sell smaller quantities
without leaving the remaining stock exposed in the lumberyard or warehouse, and
builders and remodelers can use the boards they need on the jobsite without
worrying about the rest of their product getting scuffed, dinged, or dirty.

trimboards come in eight widths and in lengths up to 20 feet. And while it
offers the look of wood, Kleer trim is resistant to splitting, warping, and
checking; it’s straight with no need for culling the pile; and it resists
extreme weather conditions.

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