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About Kleer Lumber

PVC Products Look Best When They Come With Service

Kleer is an industry leader when it comes to delivering innovative PVC products. But what really makes Kleer stand out is its commitment to uncompromising customer service and support. It’s an edge that helps customers overcome challenges in the field, get their orders fulfilled on time and complete and grow their businesses with the help of a true partner. 

Aiming Beyond Your Expectations

Kleer puts great value in customer feedback from builders, remodelers, contractors, dealers, distributors and architects. The feedback it receives translates directly into new products and innovations that help make working with Kleer easier, faster and more profitable.

Innovate Daily

KLEERPak® packaging was inspired by feedback from Dealers who expressed a need for durable product packaging that could resist dirt and damage between the plant and final installation. TruEDGE® Technology was born from requests to make the edges of trim resist dirt for easier cleanup in the field. These innovations and many more help customers save time, money and improve their final product – a beautiful home.

Kleer’s Promise To Customers
  • Create industry-leading, innovative products
  • Provide exceptional order accuracy and customer support
  • Achieve greater than 99% on-time delivery
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