PVC Adhesives, Fasteners for PVC Trim I Kleer Lumber

PVC Adhesives & Fasteners For Kleer Lumber

Kleer Lumber Has Easy Installation Nailed

Kleer offers a comprehensive selection of fasteners and adhesives engineered for PVC products to help speed up your installation and ensure long-lasting results.

Kleer PVC Adhesive and Fasteners
  • Make installation fast and simple
  • Help align joints for a smooth look
  • Help minimize gaps and movement
  • Minimize long-term maintenance

How To Get The Best Results

Like most trim products, Kleer Lumber may expand and contract during hot and cold temperature changes. Using Kleer Fasteners and Adhesives for PVC will help minimize this movement. Before installation, allow Kleer Products to acclimate to room temperature. Whenever possible, install Kleer Products over a continuous substrate to help keep your trim straight and secure. Check out the following install tips or download the complete Kleer Lumber Installation Instructions.

Fastener Tips
  • Use stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized nails with a minimum #6 size or Cortex Fasteners
  • Predrilling is not usually required
  • Place fasteners no more than 2” from edge
  • DO NOT use staples, wire nails or brads
Adhesive Tips
  • To help prevent gaps, Kleer Products can be edge or face glued
  • Never use adhesive alone to attach Kleer Products
Heat Bending Tips
  • To make Kleer Products pliable, apply heat up to 270 degrees for 7 minutes with ovens, heat blankets or box heaters
  • Always wear protective gloves to avoid skin burns when forming shapes
  • Allow the trim to cool to room temperature to preserve the new shape

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